THEFT Prevention

Theft (Tools to Help Educate Families & Teens) helps participants to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy risk-taking behaviors. Participants discuss attitudes towards shoplifting, personal triggers, and feelings following the incident. The group establishes consequences for behavior, identifies personal pictures of success and outlines positive coping skills.The group meets once per week for 5 weeks and parents are required to attend the first group session. The fee for the group series is $100. Currently, this group is only offered at the Skokie office location.

Alternatives to Violence (ATV)

The Alternatives to Violence (ATV) group seeks to help teens understand and manage anger constructively, exploring healthy expressions of frustration and anger commonly experienced in life. The group meets one hour per week for 6 weeks. The fee for the group series is $120.

Alternatives to Suspension (ATS)

The Alternatives to Suspension (ATS) is a group family therapy service offered to students who are suspended from high school or high school sports activities. The ATS program is offered by a school to the student’s family as a means of reducing, but not eliminating, the suspension. The group consists of four mandatory family sessions. The cost of the program is $80.