Parent support group: You Are Not The Worst! Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm

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Gendernauts: 8-week group for trans & gender exploring youth! Monday nights

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Gimmie a Mindful Minute: A mindfulness group for teens. Wednesdays from 6:45-8:00pm

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Gender Fluidity 

Most of us learn that there are two genders—men and women—and you are only one or the other. For some individuals, their gender identity is more complex than that. Gender Fluidity is a broad term, and can include individuals who move between two or more gender identities and/or expressions at different points in time.

 Who may choose to identify as Gender Fluid?

-A teen who asks to be referred to as “he” some days, “she” other days, or just by name instead

-A child who says “I’m a girl AND a boy” or “I’m not a girl OR a boy”

-A young adult who wears masculine clothing in some situations, and feminine clothing in others

-Anyone else who feels like “gender fluid” fits their identity

As a parent or family member of an individual who identifies as gender fluid, or who is experimenting with different gender identities and expressions, these situations can raise a lot of questions, confusions, and concerns. Response offers a safe space for you to ask questions and learn more about gender, and how to support youth whose gender identity and expression is fluid or varies.

Parent & Family Connection is a support and education group for Jewish parents and family members of LGBTQ individuals (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or questioning).  Contact Rachel Marro (rachelmarro@jcfs.org - 224-625-2946)


“Where’s my manual?” Parenting support and guidance

All of our appliances have manuals yet we come up short for the most important and often challenging job in our lives……parenting!  At Response (a program of Jewish Child and Family Services), we know teens and young adults. Our staffs are experts on adolescent development and are diligent about staying up to date on trends and issues impacting youth and their families. 

Do you often feel frustrated, helpless and unsure if you’re saying or doing the right thing?  Would you simply like to improve your communication and relationship with your child?  Come connect with our staff in a safe, experienced space to share your questions and concerns.   

At some point in our parenting career we could all use a little “consultation.”  A space to vent, identify our deepest fears and discover that we are not alone.  Our staff are here to listen and help around the central issues related to raising teens and parenting in today’s world.  Common issues of concern include: establishing limits and boundaries while putting in place natural and logical consequences; helping our youth navigate relationships in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sites like ask.fm; alcohol and drug use - experimentation or more?  Give us a call at 847-676-0078 and ask to speak with someone regarding our parent support group. Together, we’ll create a blueprint for better communication and understanding!