Counseling: Individual, Family and Group

Making the decision to talk to someone about the challenges you face in your life is not easy. That is why Response provides a safe, relaxing and professional environment for teens to come to. We are honored that people choose to come to us to share a part of their life, and we take this privilege seriously. What we don’t do is judge people. We simply provide that safe space where a teen and their family can come and talk about what they might need help with.

Our experienced social workers and counselors support teens and their families who may be coping with a range of concerns including depression, parent-teen communication, questions about sexuality and relationship issues. Support group topics include: C.H.O.I.C.E - Choosing Healthy Options in Context of Everything (a psychoeducational group for teens about decision making); #H.A.S.H.T.A.G. - Helping Adolescents Socialize Healthily Together Among Groups (for those who’d like to become more comfortable, socially); Parent Forum - a monthly group for parents of teens. We also provide referral information and develop support groups on other topics as needed.

Whether it is individual counseling, family counseling or group counseling that you are looking for, Response is able to help.

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