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Play to Combat Stigma around Mental Illness Better than “Good Enough”

Robin Stein, Director of Response

Monday, May 14th, 2012 at Hoover-Leppen Theater, Center on Halsted, witnessed the opening night of “Good Enough,” a series of monologues produced and performed by Erasing the Distance (ETD).  ETD is a Chicago-based non-profit that utilizes the power of spoken word and performance to reduce the stigma and promote healing around mental health issues.  They collect true stories from people who have been impacted by mental health issues and sculpt the storyteller’s words into theatrical monologues that truly take your breath away! 

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Child Abuse Awareness Month

Robin Stein, Director of Response
Eric Crabtree-Nelson, Assistant Director of Response

When we think of child abuse, teenagers don’t readily come to mind as a population that would be impacted by physical, emotional and sexual abuse…yet they are, and more frequently than we’d like to think.  For teenagers, abuse looks and feels different than for an 8 year old or even a 10 year old.  Why is that? 

Though most of us recognize that teens are not “mini-adults” they are often, physically larger. As they continue to develop, they can and do tower over parents and other adults with whom they may interact.  Our perception is that teens can fight back – they are capable of protecting themselves.  Yet, the power differential remains ever present between an adult and an adolescent.  Size and age should not be considered a variable.  Rather, abuse of anyone needs to be seen for what it truly is; an individual exercising power and control over someone less powerful then they are. 

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